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JKO – Joint Knowledge Online

Joint Knowledge Online – Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) is the Department of Defense’s enhanced global learning capability for military and civilian personnel online training. It serves as the Joint Staff’s central repository for information about its annual training requirements. JKO is used by Joint, Interagency, and Inter-government Stakeholders to provide a cost-effective, distributed learning solution for their online training requirements. JKO’s team of learning technology, instructional design, and training professionals create multimedia-rich, interactive web-based courses and small team simulation exercises and trains others on how to fully leverage JKO to manage their unique online training requirements.

JKO’s core purpose is to give access to world-class joint training and education for the joint force. This involves ensuring that our partners receive the required content correctly and deliver it appropriately, whether through self-paced online courses or hybrid instruction via the V-CLASS virtual classroom setting.

According to the JKO’s official website, these training possibilities include video and other forms of media and “custom, immersive situations for small group exercises, university-style online classroom environments, and area-specific language and cultural training.” Additionally, professional military education and other career advancement resources are accessible.

JKO Features:

  • 24/7 global distributed access on military unclassified and classified networks.
  • Software-hardened learning content management system.
  • Web-based JKO Course Builder courseware development tool with HTML5 capability.
  • Roles-based access enables segmented user views of the JKO course database.
  • Level II and higher Interactive Multimedia Instruction courses.
  • SCORM-compliant courseware development, conversion, and hosting.
  • Area of operations and tailored scenario simulation immersive training applications.
  • Distributed desktop small group exercise training.


JKO Joint Knowledge Online
JKO Joint Knowledge Online

Who Can Use AKO – Joint Knowledge Online

To access JKO, you must first have a valid user account. Self-registration for a JKO account is available to DoD military and government personnel with a valid Computer Access Card (CAC). Users who do not have a CAC but have a government or military email address (i.e., one that ends,.gov,, or may request a login and password account via the link at the JKO login page.

Some JKO access is permitted from home. Consult your command support staff for these requirements and limits; your ability to use JKO assets from a computer outside your work environment may be restricted by local mission requirements, OPSEC concerns, and other factors.

How To Sign Up For JKO Account

To register, navigate to

Select login, and scroll down to the bottom of the login window to the relevant link (military/government or non-government/sponsored application) to create an account with your Common Access Card.

Suppose you do not have a CAC but have a government or military email account. You can create an account using your government or military email credentials.

Requirements for the JKO System

System requirements rapidly become obsolete as a result of technology advancements and the evolution of computing challenges that may impact JKO functionality. The list below is provided as a guide only–you should regard it as an indication of the computational power required to run JKO at press time.

The fundamental purpose of JKO is to deliver world-class joint training and education to the joint force. This involves ensuring that our partners receive the correct information effectively through on-demand self-paced courses or hybrid instruction via the V-CLASS virtual classroom setting.


The Help Desk can be contacted by email: or by telephone : CIV: 757-203-5654 or DSN: 668-5654

Defense Health Agency (DHA) LMS users: For any problems you have with your profile or courseware on the DHA LMS site, please contact the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Global Service Center at DHAGSC@MAIL.MIL or call 1-800-600-9332 or DSN: 838-3000. Using the DHAGSC will guarantee you receive timely and dedicated support. Please bookmark the DHA LMS site: for better access in the future.

JKO Future Development

JKO continues to expand its training and education program to support the sharing and reuse of training content. The shift to more frequent, lower-cost, smaller facilitated events, with training technologies that facilitate responsive, in-time training programs enable perpetual refresh training.